Thursday, 5 January 2012

Big Bigger Biggest

My regular readers (ahem ahem - sorry but didn't know how else to start!!) know that one of our dreams is to do up an old caravan and go visiting the Big Icons around Australia.

Please note, that is one of the dreams. Another one is to win lotto. Think I may need this one to come true first so that the other one can come true!

Well, we don't quite have the caravan just yet (although a very good, albeit a little small, second hand tent!) but that has not stopped us.

No indeedy!!! (seriously, who says that)

We have managed a couple of visits to Big's over the Xmas break.

Now if you read back in my blog, you will know that Sam and I had a visit to the Big Dag Sheep in Goulburn a couple of months ago, yet another of life's highlights.

Lil Sam at the Big Sheep Merino

Well, here we are at the Big Gold Digger Gold Panner in Bathurst last week on the way home from Xmas at Uncle Bob's.

And, can you believe but we actually visited another Big the same day. I know I know, I can hear all those envious sighs of jealousy.

So can you guess where we are here???

Yep, the Big Fruit Bowl at Bilpin in the Blue Mountains

So, after a very BIG end to 2011 I feel the pressure mounting for 2012.

Of course, just down the road from us we have The Big Pootato (no, no spelling mistake, it really looks like a big poo - shall get family photo there soon) so that will be an easy one to tick off for 2012.

Here are a few more that are on the list:

The Big Banana up the North Coast. I have vague memories of going there as a child and having the best banana split ever, and actually the only one I have ever had. The only drawback to that would be both the kids hate bananas!!!

Looks exciting doesn't it??!!!

The Big Bottle at Mangrove Mountain just north of Sydney. Apparently this is just a BIG bottle of Cab Sav hidden away - sure I could find that one - think that is a must for 2012.

The Big Prawn would have been on the list but a lovely reader, Deb, actually advised me yesterday that it is no longer!!! I cannot believe that such a national icon is no longer so shall be emailing Julia at the Big House and asking for an additional tax, known forthwith as the Prawn Tax, to raise funds for the re-establishment and refurbishment of such a national icon.

Others to consider are The Big Wine Cask in Buronga NSW (no idea???), The Big Rock - can you believe there are two - one at Barrington Tops and one at Tea Gardens, also the Big Stubbie, The Big Trout, The Big Pelican, The Big Peanut .... oh I could go on and on and on

Let's hope we get a few crossed off the list for 2012.

Or maybe we could just build some of our own. How about the Big Mess (Sam's room), the Big Nutter (guess who?), or even the Big Blog (I said Blog!)?   Any more ideas/suggestions????

Stay tuned

Lisa x0x

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