Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Ants Go Marching One By One - HOORAY!!!!

In the spirit of what was a weird week last week (please don't mention black bras), I discovered that my printer was full of ants. Yes, ANTS.

You may have read about this in my weekly review.

I was a little taken aback, let's say, to discover this when I was trying to print stuff important and valuable information  for work.

Wondering what was going on, and being so tech savvy, I opened my printer to discover that 3 million ants had decided to call my printer home.

Here's a little reminder of our own ant's nest

Even weirder is that after I decided to put my printer out on the front porch (don't ask me why, I thought it may like a little holiday from my desk) I went out there today armed with a screw driver. I was going to attempt to unscrew the 900 000 screws holding it together and see if there was some way that I could try to completely stuff it up fix it.

Having a holiday away from the desk

Well, lo and behold, goneskis.

That's right, they have moved on to another printer in a far off land.  I have no idea how or why this happened, nor do I particularly care all that much.

I am just so pleased that I now don't have to buy another printer.

Although, I am seriously starting to think that someone is trying to play tricks on me, what with ants in the printer, Grandpas wearng bras......what next???

Ants driving down the main drag of BOOOWWWRRRAAALLLL driving Volvos wearing puffer vests????

Do you know how hard it is to find an ant driving a car image????

Nothing would surprise

Has your printer been invaded by unusual animals??????/


Lisa xox


  1. Haha..not yet. But, our computer modem was once filled with all sorts of treasure through the disk drive hole. Our then 4 year old had apparently been putting things inside for quite some time, through the hole. There were coins, hair slides, pieces of paper, flat sorts of toys - everything!!!

    1. Hi Mel,
      How funny. I remember we used to have a few things 'posted' into the old vcr! Secretly, I still miss those days sometimes :)