Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Your birthday is WHEN???????????????

A time of relaxing
A few drinks with friends.
Breaking those New Year's Resolutions before you even started.


Not in this household/family/extended family.

Why Not?

Because, January is the month of birthdays.

Yes, that's right.

The credit card is still burning from being swiped too many times, and the fingers have been permanently crossed for the last 6 weeks in the hope that the ever smioling shop assistant doesn't look at me with her ever so sweet, yet ever so condescending, attitude and tell me that "oh, sorry, your card has been rejected, again!"

But, that still doesn't stop the fact that we have 6 family birthdays this month and at least four close friends (well, I may have missed some here so maybe the 'close friends' amount could be higher but I may have also just lost one or two -sorry)!

It starts on January 1. Oh yes, we don't have any rest. My niece, the lovely Ms K has her birthday on New Year's Day. I still remember when she was born as I was camping - yes, see I have done it before- in some god forsaken national park somewhere on the far north coast of NSW when I rang home to wish them all a Happy New Year to find out that I had become an Aunty again.

Now, of course, we had a false alarm with the lovely Ms K on Christmas Day just a week prior where I had to race over to pick up my other niece who was only three at the time. In my rush, and whislt driving Mum's car, I did manage to back into a couple of ever so small fence posts, but it was Christmas Day, so in effect it didn't count (Unfortunately, I managed to repeat damaging Mum's car on 'special' days of the year but I shall leave that for another time!).

Anyway, the lovely Ms K is now fighting tigers in Tanzania, or Elephants in Ethiopia, or really bad pirates in Penzance (just checking you were reading) but we hope to see her sometime soon in 2012.

Then there is Dad on January 9. One of Dad's memorable birthdays was when he turned 50 (well I REMEMBER IT) and I was wearing an ever so lovely aubergine coloured cross over dress, accessorised with my bowl haircut.

And, no, I am NOT putting that photo here.

This year we just hope that Dad might be able to stay out of hospital for at least three days in a row to actually celebrate his birthday, after what has been a very tumultous few months for him and Mum.

Next, we have the Senior Sergeant who will be legs eleven this year on the 15th. I can't believe my baby boy is turning 11 - guess it might be time I lost that baby weight!!!!  I always said I wouldn't have a baby born in January as everyone else in the family did, but oh well, sometimes they are just a lillte gift and we are lucky to have them so it didn't matter when he came.

Of course, the Senior Sergeant is none too happy about having a birthday just after Christmas because then he has to go A WHOLE 11 MONTHS without getting anything.

Mmmmmm, not quite the case there SS I say.

Does this boy OWN a shirt?????

Four days later we have a double whammy. My middle brother, who I like to call Teedie (but he hates it so don't tell him). I think the last time I helped celebrate his birthday was when he turned 50???? 40????  Can't remember, but we always have The Evans Family Choir sing to him on his birthday, which I know is a real treat for him, each and every year.

My middle nephew, Big Sam, is also born on this day, although many, many, many years later (I know, naming rights etc but I loved the name too, so there). Big Sam is going to be 21 this year, and he and his lovely partner, Ms A have just bought their first house together.

Of course, this is fantastic for both of them, although it is s light shame that his 35 + a bit year old Aunty is still renting, but oh well.

And finally, my eldest nephew, Dotty, is on Jan 24th. This year he is turning 23, and one must say enjoying life immensely. But if you can't do it when you are 23, when can you do it.

So, there you have it. It is the month of birthdays for both family and friends (now I didn't do friends in case of offending, but Anna, Stephen and Louise - I know it is yours, and if I have left you out, write me a comment!!!!!!)

So to everyone having a birthday this month, and in fact, all of you having one in 2012, I say


Lisa xox


  1. Dotty? Dotty? Where the hell did Dotty come from. I know Big Sam is Butch, but Dotty. The photo of the author at her father's 50th birthday can be purchased if anyone is interested. 35+ Try 35++++. Ms. K was actually in Uganda for her birthday, a country she had not been to before, bit like her Pa, she tries new countries, he tries new hospitals.

  2. I am confused. If I am your middle brother, wouldn't that mean you have at least three brothers, possibly five, maybe seven. I think I need to check with Mum on this one.

  3. Ok Anonymous - firstly, I know you you are.
    You sort of gave it away with your second comment.
    Dotty is because little people couldn't say Scotty.
    That is why Georgia sometimes gets Dorda because little people can't say Georgia
    Get it Teedie????
    Oh, and re your second comment..
    now that's awkward!!!!

  4. Well, you are a rocket scientist after all, working out it was me. It could have been one of your 'other' middle brothers. I have to be anonymous as that is the only way I can comment on your blogs as I don't have any of the accounts listed. Either that or I am too stupid to work it out (no further comment please). I always thought Dorda was short for Daughter.