Friday, 13 January 2012

The Week That Was!!!!

So it's Friday - Yah!!!!

And even more Yah is that the week is coming to a finish. Now I am not one to wish my life away but what an interesting week that was.

To summarise, ants, rats, and a lingerie wearing Poppy!!

Now, I cannot bring myself to relive the whole black lacy bra wearing Poppy again - I am still too traumatised!!!! So, if you missed that exciting episode, you'll have to go back in the blog.

But that is not the only distressing thing that happened this week (although by far the worst).

Some of you may be aware that I work from home which can be good, and not so good - especially when technical equipment has a hiccup or two. My last job was working for local government where we had a whole department that I could call on if I needed tech help like the computer had jammed, or how do you get white out off the computer screen if you made a mistake.

So I am working merrily away Monday morning where I normally have to print about 30 items for Monday evening. After pressing print, and again and again and again (because if it doesn't work the first time try, try and try again) I realised there was something wrong with my printer.

I turned it off then on because that is my wealth of tech knowledge but alas, still no joy. I had noticed I had a couple of ants roaming on my desk at the time but after swiftly decapitating them, I was on my merry way.

So, I lifted the lid of my printer and found this........

Yes, I know, it's yuck yuck yuck.  A bloody ant's colony had infested my printer!!!  What the.....????
How on earth does that happen???????????????  I sprayed and sprayed and sprayed to the point that I put myself in a bloody Mortein coma and upon waking, they were still bloody there.

What did I do I hear you ask?  I grabbed the printer and ran through the house screaming and put the printer down on a table on the front porch where it still is with our very own ant's nest!!!!!!

That was the start of the week.  But, oh no, it doesn't end there.

Two nights later the Senior Sergeant went to the pantry, because he can and he is an eating machine, to then call out in a slightly girly voice (Sorry SS but you did!!!).

Now, I had spent about four days over the hols cleaning out all my cupboards (I know, living the dream here!!!) and there was a friggin' mouse in the pantry.  I was more annoyed that only a few days before I had cleaned it so well you could have eaten off it - well that;s what bloody Mickey was doing.

I couldn't find him so did what all nature/animal lovers do - grabbed the ratsack.  Placing it near with the offender was last seen, quickly shut the door and ran into bed pulling the covers over me.

Next day, nothing. Thought he had decided that this place was too damn clean and he was off to some other dump. But oh, no!. Horsey Girl that evening went into the kitchen to put something in the sink (because God forbid anyone decides to actually put something in the dishwasher) and let out an almighty girly scream which resulted in the local police arriving asking if I had murdered someone.

So, she had a fleeting glance at Mickey who then ran behind the kettle. Well, now I was really annoyed as I couldn't boil the kettle for my Nana cup of tea.

Grabbed the ratsack and moved it as close to the kettle as I could. Obviously we had now put the fear of God into Mickey because he has shat everywhere near the kettle after having a midnight snack of ratsack!

Then of course, there was the other episode.  I feel ever so relieved now as I always believe things come in three's so hopefully that is it (although I hope it is not categorised - so that I will see two more cross dressing Poppy's or a bloody elephant in the bath!).

Anyway, have a good weekend, it is the Senior Sergeant's birthday on the weekend - just wait till you see the mad cake I am making (hope it works!)


Lisa  x0x

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