Friday, 20 January 2012

Today's Blog Post is about...oh damn I forgot

I don't want to alarm you but things just aren't right here at Country Gypsies.
I am a little concerned that I am losing my.......

Um, where was I?  That's right - about to make a cuppa tea.

Where did I put my tea cup?

Now where did I put the computer and why am I holding the kettle??

Seriously, I am starting to forget things.

In my cleansing frenzy a couple of weeks ago, I took my watch off and put it somewhere very special. So, WHY THE BLOODY HELL CAN'T I FIND IT????

Really, I cannot find it. I may have put in somewhere in the pantry when I was cleaning that out - who knew that those pesky 'use before' date stamps were true - but I now can't find it anywhere. I have come to the conclusion that the mouse we had in the pantry has taken off with it, because I tried to kill it with ratsak.

get out of the watch Mouse and bring it back

I am forever losing my keys. Yesterday, I couldn't find them when I had to go out. Eventually I found them, in the bathroom. Well, nothing wrong with that is there!

Then I went to do a couple of things and twice lost them whilst out. WTF?????

I have come to the conclusion that my mind is full. Completely full. There is no more room in there to remember anything else. I need to purge some of the bits in there that I don't need anymore like I still know every ABBA song that was ever written, my thoughts about what happened to Sam Wiggle, and ....oh see, I forgot again.

So, from today, I am going to try and purge my mind so that it is clear and ready to start again. Let's hope that I can end up with a clear mind and remember all those important things, and not have too many of those non important things in there.

Now, if only I knew where I put the children!!
And do I really own a cow????

I had a question to ask you at the end of this post but I forgot what it was.


Lisa   xox

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