Saturday, 28 January 2012

Butch is 21

Last weekend the kids and I hopped in the car (once again) and set off for a visit to my brother's place in Molong - near Orange for those of you who are thinking what the???

When we make the trek up there, and considering I had to go from Southern Highlands to Orange via the Central Coast to pick up the littlies (!!!)  we ensure we stop and have a rest break (he ain't called Senior Sergeant for nothing).

One of our favourite stops is The Wayzgoose Cafe in Leura. Good friends put us on to this little gem a few years ago and it has become on of our little traditions.

This is why!!!

Yes, it is a Flowerpot Scone. A scone, baked in  wee little terracotta flower pot, and comes straight out of the oven directly to your table.

One of the lovely things about this cafe, besides the obvious tasty treat, is that the gentleman who owns it comes over and says "Oh, just let me know if you want more jam and cream - I really must get bigger plates for them - no charge of course". Once I get back up off the floor, I remember that this is one of my favourite reasons for coming here.

Then, after a quick trip to the infamous lolly shop, we hopped back in the car and drove for another 89 hours to arrive at my brother's place. The reason for the trip was my middle nephew's 21st. Now we only found out not that long ago that Mr S does not go by his real name. He is known as "Butch". My other brother thinks this is just hilarious. 

Butch and his lovely girlfriend, Ms A, have just bought a house in Orange, just prior to Christmas - good on them I say (just a shame their middle aged aunt is STILL BLOODY RENTING). So they had the 21st at their place and let me tell you, Butch has got himself one sorted out woman there.

Of course, being in the country, we had a number of different shaped and sized utes where the lads just backed them up in the driveway, and when there was no room just parked them anywhere in the street, and proceeded to sit on the back of the ute and enjoy the party.
Not quite the back of the ute but The Senior Sergeant looks pretty relaxed with his big cousins

I managed to have a chat with one of these young dudes who said- "Oh, it's funny to see some of you old teachers here".  After I knocked him out and he regained conscience, I informed him that I would never have taught him (there were about three of their old teachers there - one of them being my brother who is Butch's Dad).

I told Captain Obvious that I was actually Rob's sister, and he then replied - "Oh, Rob Hancock". Well, there was no such teacher of that name so I then told him - "No, Rob McLean". The reply "Oh no, I don't know him, I was taught by Mr McLean".  Now, I guess it could have been understandable but this kid's parents have paid a hell of a lot of money for this kid to attend school, and I am just not sure it was worth it.

Anyway, a fun night was had by all - well I did leave at midnight and from last reports - they are still partying, but that's what you do isn't it?

Now, my 21st.........

Been to a 21st lately???


Lisa xox


  1. Good to see that young Sam ditched his bottle of VB when the photo shoot with the Butcher and Dotty was being done, although he didn't really get it much over his left shoulder. Is that a dagwood dog that the Butcher has in his hand.

    The Phantom poster

  2. Thank you Phantom Poster for your comments.
    Yes, I am glad that the Senior Sergeant decided to rid himself of any incriminating evidence before the pic was taken - next he will have to start covering up his tattoos!
    Butch - not Butcher!!!!
    And I am now very concerned as to just what it is that Butch does have in his hand? Bet the next morning he will have wished he hadn't had it!

  3. How many people were taking photos of the one with the Butcher, Sam and Dotty, as only the Butcher (with his dagwood dog) is looking at you.

    The Phantom

  4. Yes, there was a number of papparazzi there at the time.
    At least someone was looking in the right place