Monday, 16 January 2012

Just Call me Martha!!!

Back to normal transmission this week - think I need to do yoga!!!

Anyway, we have just celebrated the Senior Sergeant's birthday. I cannot believe my boy has turned 11 - it really doesn't seem like 11 years ago this little boy had to be raced into neo natal care as soon as he was born and on to oxygen due to a problem with his lungs.

Look at him now and no one would believe me!!!

He has decided that he is a bit cross with me though as having a birthday in January means he gets lots of presents within a few weeks and then NOTHING for the remainder of the year. I am not so sure of the NOTHING as I seem to think he has more than enough but who am I to argue with the SS.

Anyway, we spent the weekend at his Dad's holiday house at Copacabana (at the Copa, Copacabanaaaaaaaa).  He decided that he didn't want to spend hours in the car on his birthday (fair enough) so we went up to Copa yesterday and played happy families overnight.

So it was Happy Birthday all round on Sunday morning.  He received a pretty swanky sports G shock (whatever that means) watch from me, so swanky and with so many buttons, we don't actually know how to set the time right!!! Oh well, there's a little project for Mum!!

He also received plenty of other presents (enough to keep him going at least 11 months!) so all happy.

Ahh, sibling love. Two seconds later.......

Do my children EVER get out of their pyjamas????

Now, back to me!  yes, I made the mother of all birthday cakes.  I know I am not setting a trend, apparently these cakes were BIG a year or so ago, but hey - who gives a .....

Anyway, I know many of you read my blog for my inspiring recipes. Well, you just need to make three cakes, divide each cake mix into two and add some garish colours.  Slice the tops off and then stick in the freezer until you are ready to face the whole thing again.

Next, get up 8 hours earlier than normal to start the icing.  You need about 3.5 kg icing sugar, 26 tubs of butter, bit of milk and a splash or 9 of vanilla essence.  Now, if you are doing this at your ex husband's beach house (which is pretty much the only thing that is missed from that whole relationship!!!)  don't presume they have any cooking/icing/ beaters, bowls suitable. I did manage to take up most items needed, except a larger than large bowl so had to make the icing in a measuring jug - yes, I had to make about 47 lots of it.

One important tip I have is do not attempt this when the humidity is at approximately 4500% as the icing slips off the cake as fast as you can put it on. What did I do then I hear you ask?

Horse Girl and her BFF then decided they would THROW, yes, THROW smarties at it to cover up the bits of cake that the icing had dropped off. So, as you can see in the pic, there is 1/2 icing and then about 3 kilos of smarties all clumped down the bottom.

Smarties were being pelted at the cake at this stage!

But, hey, it was a success and I was pretty proud! And the Senior Sergeant was impressed which was the main thing!

No, he didn't eat it all in one go

Yes, I know, Martha Stewart - here I come (hopefully without the insider trading jail term!!!!)

So, what's your favourite birthday cake???


Lisa  x0x

p.s. Oh, one other tips, when your ex husband puts out little plates for the cake to go on, IT WON'T FIT!!! The cake is equivalent to the Eiffel Tower (or in my case, the Leaning Tower of Lisa) so you need the largest plates you have in the cupboard to put it on.

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