Wednesday, 4 January 2012

No Nudity Here Please!!!!

So I see we now have Deborah Hutton complaning that people are complaning about her and her recent Women's Weekly covershoot.

Firstly, it must have been a slow news day if that is the best we can come up with in our news headlines.

Secondly, while I never actually minded Ms Hutton (well, we weren't exactly BFF's to start with) I remember back in my hey day (yes, I did have a hey day) when I actually meet Ms Hutton whilst I was working for Murdoch Magazines

Did you say Murdoch Magazines - omg, like, you must have like had like such a totally like glamourous like life????????

Ah, yes but no  but yes but no but yes but no but!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't get excited, I was in my late 20's, considered an old hag, and everyone wore black and was a size 2 and only ever ate one lettuce leaf per day - but we WERE in fashion (well, one part of the building was anyway!!!). Mmmmm, one of my shorter work contracts!!!

Anyway, I digress!!!  Yes, I actually met Ms Hutton and I cannot say I was overwhelmed in any way. Underwhelmed, yes definitely. Now, giving her the benefit of the doubt, perhaps she was so overwhelmed at meeting moi!!

There was, how shall I put this, an air of complete and utter arrogance which surrounded her like NRL players around a keg of beer. Her demands of get me this and get me that were a little astounding and after a short time I did ask her if her hands and feet were painted on or could she actually use them???

So, seeing her naked, but ever so yuck tasteful photo shoot of her in the latest edition of Women's Weekly (seriously, it is not a weekly - what the hell is wrong with changing it to Women's Monthly - oh come on, let's be a little mature here people), of course was going to bring out the comments regarding photshopping.

Now, I admit I have not gazed closely enough at the naked Ms H on the cover whilst browsing in the newsagent but it looks like a pretty good shot. She has now admitted that she has had her 'sun damage' photoshopped out of the image but all her wobbly arms and cellulite are still there for all to be seen.

Uncross your legs and arms dear and then we might see them, but then you woudl not be SO TASTEFUL now would you.

She is said to feel upset that this has happened but states; "Shouldn't we try to accept who we are with all our differences rather than the focus of retouching sunspots?"

Ok, Ms Hutton, if someone can read that sentence slowly back to you, so that you see it MAKES NO BLOODY SENSE AT ALL

No doubt she will start discussing young girls and their body image and how we need to focus on positive role models etc etc etc

I agree with all that toots but do you actually think 15 year old girls are going to rejoice when they see mum's Women's Weekly sitting on the coffee table with you, Ms H, gazing up at them completely starkers and saying how they too can look like you??

Oh, what's that noise??

A stampede of 15 year olds running for them thar hills trying to get away from pictures of 50 year old naked women!!!

Wait for me, if only I could run.

So, in the interests of all, I am not posting the pic of Ms Hutton in her birthday suit - if you are that desperate go to the newsagent or google her.

But here is a completely untouched, unphotoshopped pic of me


Lisa xox

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