Thursday, 12 January 2012

A Black Bra, Vinnies, and An Elderly Man

Here I was earlier in the week thinking that I may not have enough subject matter to blog about!

Well, that has certainly changed after a rather distressing encounter involving.. you guessed it - A black bra, Vinnies, and a man  who could be someone's Poppy!!!

After dropping Horse girl at a friend's house, I decided to stop in at a local Vinnies to see if I might find that Vintage Caravan for sale for $5. Well, that was not meant to be, but I did get a cute picnic basket for $5 that will no doubt sit idle in the garage until our next move when I decide it is just more crap and I will donate it back!!!

After walking out the door into a blustery wind where my normally perfect hairstyle (ahem!) became rather windblown and I looked like a samoyed who had been involved with a windmill.

An elderly gentleman than started to chat with me, as one does (or they always just seem to chat with me) discussing the weather! He was looking rather awkwardly at me so I quickened my pace as I had parked approximately 400 metres up the road (always looking for a fitness opportunity - that's me).

He then questioned what type of material my top was made of.  Let me set the scene - I was wearing grey cargo pants with a white cotton tunic style top (I know, I am waiting the phone call from Vogue to do fashion blogs!). As we kept walking, he kept questioning me on my top so I replied that it was just a cotton top.

Next question was where did I get it from, which of course, I have no idea. My hurried reply, as I had now started my Kath and Kel type speed walk up the street, was that it may have been from Target.

The reply - "Oh, I just like how you can see your black bra underneath it".  Now, I certainly was not thinking that my luck had changed, as even I have some standards!!!!!  Of course, I would not have known what colour bra I had on, I just grabbed whatever was clean and in some way able to defy gravity.

After a rather lighthearted giggle, I advised Poppy that - "Oops, oh well, lucky I am off home now", thinking this would be the end of the conversation.

Oh No, we he hadn't finished.

He then proceeded to open up the buttons of his blokey check shirt to show me he indeed had on a lovely lacy black bra under his shirt.  With the comment "Yes, I love to wear a bra but would like a shirt like your where people could see it through my shirt as well!!!!"

He was no Daniel Craig but this was the only image I could use without vomiting!!!

Yes, this really did happen. I am not quite sure of the look on my face at this stage, as he then continued to unbutton the shirt and touch and feel around his bra - showing me how beautiful it was.

After telling him that he did have on a lovely bra and that I must be on my way, jumped in the car, locked the doors, didn't bother looking in rear view mirror and drove off at the speed of lightning!!!

Only to look in the mirror from a safe distance to see he had now unbuttoned all buttons with his shirt flapping in the wind and a black lacy bra holding his non existent mammaries with all his greying chest hair falling out.


Of course, the worst thing - his bra was so much nicer than mine!!!!!



Lisa xox


  1. And we thought we had beacons on our heads down here in beautiful Morwell, but obviously your beacon is bigger. What is it with you and your country lifestyle you have up there!!!

    1. Obviously my beacon is growing at an alarming rate.
      And to think I was worried about puffer vest, volvo driving, double barrelled surname mothers in Booooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dear Lisa, You poor thing I hope you can vaguely remember what that old man's face looks like so if you see him in the distance you can turn around or cross the road so you have no more weird encounters. Love Jen xo

    1. Thanks Jen. I have tried to erase every visual image of this man (not sure that is what I should call him) as I was worried about nightmares!!!!

  3. Oh my! I have nothing to say - and that doesn't happen often. heh.