Friday, 13 January 2012

A Not So Fab Friday Vent!

This is a quick one this afternoon (I can hear the sighs of relief) and it is basically just me having a whine so don't mind if you turn off now.

I think I am a fairly easy going person.

With work, I have very very high standards, and often do not understand why others don't.

I have taught my children the importance of manners, because this matters to me. They have been complimented on their manners, and this brings a smile to my face.

I also am trying to instill in them that every one is equal. No person in the world is more important than any one else, regardless of where they live, how much they earn, who their friends are etc etc

I sincerely hope that is something that they grow up with, and ALWAYS remember.

I am happy to help people out, whenever and wherever is necessary. I don't shout it out from the rooftops - I don't need everyone to praise me all of the time - although a bit of praise can bring a smile to all of us. But that is not how I know if I have done a good job. I know in myself if I have done a good job, or if I could have put in a bit more of an effort.

But I sincerely hope that I have never been rude to someone without meaning to be. I may have been rude a few times - but it was deserved!!!

And I certainly do not ask people to do something that I wouldn't do myself.

But, if you want me to do something, if I can I will. If I can't do it for whatever reason, I am finally starting to learn to say NO, I can't do that now.

But whether I can do something or not, just remember this. 

If you ask someone to do something, remember that word - PLEASE.  It may not mean much to you, but it does to me.

And, whatever you do, whoever you are, you do not have the right to be rude to anyone, nor think that you are better than me.


We all eat, we all sleep and we all shit - see, all the same!

(I hope I haven't offended anyone with this, I have just been having a tough time with something and after a few tears, have decided that this may be the best way to vent!  And I know that who it is mainly directed to won't read it!!!!  But, I do believe in karma!)

I hope you all have a great weekend, I know I will!!!


Lisa x0x

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