Monday, 2 January 2012

No More Mr Nice Guy

My New Year's Resolution was that I wasn't going to do any New Year's Resolutions.

It is same old same old each year so why set myself up for disappointment.

However, I have decided that I am going to have a resolution for 2012 and this is one I will stick to like glue.

NO MORE MR NICE GUY (or girl but it doesn't sound as tough)!!!!

That's right, no more smiling, acknowledging or even idle chit chat with people in the queue at the Woolies check out.

Not at Aldi, not Coles, just bloody Woolies.

And why is that I hear you ask????

Because I am sick and tired of people asking if they can jump the queue ahead of me because I have 7 things to purchase (that's all I can afford in one go) and they only have six.


I am often prone to letting people jump ahead of me in the queue if I have a trolley load, even half a trolley load, and if I am feeling particularly generous a quarter trolley load, and they only have one or two things.

But asking to go ahead of me when they only have ONE OR TWO THINGS LESS THAN ME does not make me a happy chappy.

So to all you puffer vest wearing, volvo driving, blonde hair in a pony tail, dragging Angus (I actually like the name Angus but not how they say it ) , Henrietta and little Rupert, yummy mummies, and all you pearl and pastel twin set wearing with plaid winter skirt (even in summer) matrons who look down your nose at my thong wearing feet, and all the RM Williams jeans, ralph lauren polo shirt wearing toorak tractor driving stockbroking analysts,  I say - STAY OUT OF MY WAY!

I AM NOT LETTING YOU IN FRONT OF ME EVEN IF I HAVE 500 items and you only have three.

You want to know why??????


And on that note, here's to a great 2012.


Lisa x0x

Oh - very important p.s. To all my volvo driving girlfriends, and 4wd mates, - it's not you  :)

Second important p.s. If Volvo are thinking about giving me  a car to drive so I can write witty posts about it, I ACCEPT.


  1. OMG am laughing so hard. I am so glad you found my blog! Just read your about blurb and it was meant to be. we left sydney for brisbane (our version of the country since I am from New York City) and dream of taking a renovated caravan around Oz with the girls (we did 3 mo around Europe by car in 2010). My husband collects visits to the big things and we have hit many over the last 13 years - we mourned the Big Prawn's demise this past year and winced when we saw it all fenced off! (you have got to visit the Big orange - they have a crazy mural inside the orange that includes nudist Scandanavian looking people - all their names have got to be Sven!)

  2. Thanks Deb! We have actually visited a couple of "Big's" over Christmas - not well known ones but I will put the pics up later this week!
    Well, you know if you start your travels, we are in The Southern Highlands of NSW, and we can take you on a special visit to The Big Poo - oh, sorry, I mean The Big Potato at RObertson.
    A sight to behold!!!!
    Am now going to google The Big Orange - sounds like a visit needs to be planned

  3. OOoh, this post made me giggle and I feel your pain! Actually I've never been asked at the supermarket if somebody can jump cue, but what annoys me greatly is when I let a car out in front of me and the person doesn't wave to say thankyou, or smile. It doesn't take much to say thank you or wave or smile, but sometimes I think people take it all for granted or just haven't been taught nice manners.

  4. Hi Mel @one crafty mumma
    I agree totally. How hard is it to wave a thank you. And it can really make my day sometimes just to get a smile or a thank you!
    So, thank you for your comment :)