Friday, 6 January 2012

Five Things You Might Not Know About Me!

I have decided to ramp up my blogging posts.

Well, not really, but thought that might have got you in!!!

Have been thinking about what may interest you, or that you really couldn't give a toss about.

Now I think that the majority of my blog readers are family/friends but it is interesting as I can see where my readers hail from.

No, not your address - don't panic.

But I can see what country you are from and interestingly enough I have some readers from Russia, Sweden, United States of America, Germany, Ukraine and Latvia (I haven't counted Kenya as I think that is you Kristy - unless I have a major following there that I am unaware of!!!)

Any shade of green means people are constantly being entertained by moi!!!!!

So, firstly I would like to say    привет,  Hallå, Hello, Hallo, Привіт, Sveicināti,  and to Kristy and her friends - Habari  (it is Swahili so don't know if that is correct language)

Anyway, thought I might tell you five incredibly interesting things about me that you may/may not already know.

Wait, don't go, it MIGHT be interesting.

1.   I am not a natural blonde - yes I know that this is a hard one for you to discover but it is true. I am actually now increasingly grey but as the Senior Sergeant likes to ask - "Mum, do you even know what colour your hair is?"

Going for this next, why not, at least my hair would go with everything!!!

2.   I love the sun!  There, I said it, I know it's wrong and I 'bake' anywhere near as much as I used to (probably because the lifeguards send out the call for a beached whale if I am at the beach) but I LOVE sitting in the sun with a good drink or five and a book.

I normally wear a hat too!

3.  Wow, this is harder than I thought. Probably because I tend to tell everyone everything.
Ok, thinking harder now...........well, most people may know this but I am an ABBA tragic. My first ever concert was to see ABBA when they played at the SCG back in 1807. The rain was pelting down and I was meant to skip school for the day with my friend Martine and her Mum and we were going to the concert. Except my Mum decided that it was too wet. Oh, the tears, the sobs. But, good on Mare, she got us both a ticket so off we went and saw them in all their glory. Yes, it was even the concert when Agnetha fell over on stage due to the wet conditions.  Oh, what sweet memories. And I have instilled that love into my children, who are known to burst into "Dancing Queen" (my theme song) or even "Thank you for the Music" at a moment's notice.

Seriously Bjorn, are you a house painter - what's with the white overalls!!!

4.   I have a horrible scar on my knee. Yes, I actually have about three, from botched operations when so called medical specialists attempted to do a knee reconstruction. Not once, but twice. Different doctors, both as useless as each other. Of course, the last one told me I needed it done again, but, although I am a mad athlete, I am just waiting for a bionic woman knee replacement in a few years.

Then I could wear yellow jeans and tie people up! Win Win

5.  Self doubt - yes, I have it. I actually wonder if people really do read this and think - what a bloody fruitcake- but I guess it is also a little outlet for me.  I am not a trained writer - whoa, bet that surprised you - but I actually really like doing it. So thanks for reading this far, if you made it.

So there  you are. I know, I know, you already feel closer to me. I shall try to think of something a bit wittier next time - but will probably just be same old same old anyway.


Lisa xox

p.s Oh,a postscript to a blog earlier this week, we now have Deborah Hutton parading in a bikini at Glamarama Beach, just so we can see she is not airbrushed. Mmmmm, yet another slow news day.
Seriously, Ms Hutton, one pieces are noice - why not try one.  Remember toots, less is more!!!!

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