Thursday, 19 January 2012

Hot Potato Hot Potato

I read in the news that Greg Page, the original Yellow Wiggle, is making a comeback.

I am not too sure how I feel about this (I am sure that the Wiggles Company are on edge waiting for my reply!).

My kids grew up with Greg as the Yellow Wiggle, so I guess it may pull a little on the heartstrings that he has been able to get help for his health problems and is feeling better.

However, I can't help but feel sorry for Sam Wiggle - who replaced Greg Wiggle five years ago. It was towards the end of this Wiggly household as our musical tastes evolved and the next CD was to be Guns n Roses!
Go Sam!

Five years is a long time (and how many jobs have I had in that,two, three, four...oh let's not go there) to be a 'replacement' in a job. I think (for what it's worth) is that Sam Wiggle did a mighty fine job. He apparently has been with The Wiggles for 9 years all up in different characters but there must have been a few lemonades drunk when he was finally ceremoniously handed the yellow skivvy (not unlike the handing of the baggy green to our cricketers I would imagine) and high five's all round for Sam.

Now I don't wish illness back on poor old Greg but it is hard not to be cynical as Greg has appeared in No Idea many times (I don't buy it - just read it at supermarket - shhh) bemoaning the fact that he lost millions due to the GFC or KFC or WTF or something.  Man up Greg, you have had a pretty good lifestyle (and I know he worked hard for that so good on him) but lot's of people either lost out as well, or have never even had it for a while.

Oh, he had to sell his mansion at Dural. Oh, he couldn't afford countless overseas trips and holidays anymore. Oh, but he still has one of the world's most extensive collection of Elvis memorabilia which apparently is worth millions - oh no, didn't have to sell that as that would have been too hard to part with.

Toughen up Princess!!!! 

He claims he didn't get to say goodbye to all his fans. Greg, mate, their average age is 3 1/2 - do you actually think they give a toss????

Sorry, Greg, I wish you well with your health and hope that your condition is now at a manageable level. But don't start on with all the crap about how great it is to be back, I am pretty sure that all you can see at this stage are the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. I believe the band earned $45 million in 2010.

Oh, no, of course you aren't in it for the money.

Wait, those bloody pigs are back flying outside.

Looking at pics of you and Sam Wiggle, my suggestion to you Greg - how about you be Poppy Wiggle

So, what do you think. Should Poppy Wiggle come back and kick the young 'un out?


Lisa xox

p.s. Disclosure - I have actually worked with Greg Page at a charity event I was running, he is a lovely man and very kind. But still!!!!!

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